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Hi, I'm Elizabeth.
I am a storyteller, 
a truth seeker, 
a beauty beholder,
a grace giver, 

and a word weaver.

My passion is journeying with others from splashing in the shallow waters of this world to diving into deep truth and real community.
I do that with my words, both written and spoken.
Sometimes that looks like a conversation over coffee,
or weekly meetings with women in my living room,
or with a microphone strapped on my head in an auditorium full of people. 

Regardless of the setting, my deep desire is to connect with others and connect them back to God.

I am wife to a handsome golf coach named Joey and mama to Lucy and Oliver. I routinely choose to read a book rather than put away laundry and visit with friends rather than do the grocery shopping. This makes me a terrible housekeeper and an average cook, but my people love me anyway. I may have dirty dishes piled in my kitchen sink but you’ll always find fresh flowers on my windowsill.

Our little family lives on the edge of the woods in the college town of Clemson, South Carolina. Together we are one branch on a very complicated, but beautiful family tree.  Our story includes adoption and chronic illness and lots of hope found in hard places.  I bet yours does too.  Thanks for being here.

If you want to spend a little more time chatting on the {virtual} couch - I would love that!  Just leave your email address and I will reserve a cozy spot for you.

In the meantime, here's a little bit more about the words and wonder you'll find around here.

They intrigue me, call to me, wrap me up in their power and grace.  They shine light in my darkness and bring clarity to a muddled mind.  They inspire me, breath full life into my lungs giving me something to exhale.  They fill me to overflowing and give me substance for my being.  Of all the words in the world I treasure the grace words of my Savior most of all - the sacred story of my God working in and through people from the beginning of time.  My heart-writing is always a reworking of those sacred words - an attempt to better understand, to better experience, to better live out the truth in a world of false.  Words heal me.  They are the weapons I use to wage war in the battle for my heart.  They are instruments of peace for my soul.

Wonder wields the words.  I am most joy-filled when I embrace the wonder.  When I marvel.  When I allow myself to be astonished.  When my posture is that of a learner {not a know-it-all}.  When I open up all the empty places in my heart and mind and ask that they be filled.  I wonder.  Sometimes the wonder leads to answers.  Other times it leads only to more questions.  But always it moves me forward.  I like forward movement.  

And so the wonder keeps me moving but the words slow me down.  When your worth is so often found in ‘doing’ it’s hard to stop.  And so the words and the wonder let me just be...
   right here, right now.

{feel free to contact me}

Every once in a while I have the great privilege of standing behind a microphone or on a stage to share my words out loud.  If you could use me in that capacity feel free to shoot me an email.  As my husband would tell you - I do love to talk.
{me and my gang - joey, oliver, and lucy}